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Carbide is Rancher Government's hardened distribution of the SUSE Rancher product portfolio. Carbide is exclusively offered to our US Government and partnering customers that value security above all else.

Rancher Carbide is tactically built with the following enhancements over the community version:

  • SLSA 3 compliant secure build process hosted on Azure Government
  • Digitally Signed Container Images. Every container hosted in our registry has been digitally signed by Rancher Government Solutions. Verifiable trust is baked into everything we do.
  • Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) support in every container image
  • Container Attestations
  • Container Vulnerability Scans
  • Authenticated Registry hosted on Azure Government Container Registry
  • STIGATRON: Day 2 security operator powered by Rancher Government's DISA STIGs
  • Airgapped Docs: Fully airgapped-supportive documentation for the entire supported Rancher product portfolio
  • Custom red-white-blue theming & Rancher manager white-labeling

We are honored to serve your mission.