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Version: 1.0.x

RGS Carbide Customers

For all supported customers of Rancher Government Solutions, under the umbrella of Rancher Government Carbide, there is addon functionality within Hauler.

Hauler has the the ability to reference Collections from the Carbide Secured Registry (CSR). Hauler is built to allow operators to fetch, store, package, and distribute content and collections, but most operators may be unsure of what to fetch, store, package, and distribue and that is where our supported customers are able to leverage these pre-defined manifests for all of the Rancher products. Below are some of the available product flags.

Please see the Carbide Documentation for easily fetching, packing, and distributing Carbide with the hauler store sync --products <product>=<product-version>. Please know that we are actively working to improve this workflow.