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Version: 0.4.3



Hauler is a purpose built to be a single binary with no specific prerequistes or depedencies. It's installation is very simple and easy to follow. To view the latest release, please view our GitHub Release page.

Supported Architectures

Base PlatformArchitectureLatest Release
Linuxamd64 and arm64
Darwinamd64 and arm64
Windowsamd64 and arm64

Installation Steps


# install latest release
curl -sfL | bash

# install specific release
curl -sfL | HAULER_VERSION=0.4.3 bash


# installs latest release
brew tap rancherfederal/homebrew-tap
brew install hauler


# coming soon

Manual Installation Steps

# set the hauler version (i.e. "0.4.3")
export vHauler=HAULER_VERSION

# set the specific platform (i.e. "linux")
export platform=PLATFORM

# set the specific arch (i.e. "amd64")
export arch=ARCH

curl -sOL${vHauler}/hauler_${vHauler}_${platform}_${arch}.tar.gz
tar -xf hauler_${vHauler}_${platform}_${arch}.tar.gz
sudo mv hauler /usr/bin/hauler